Enjoying Vichi’s family hospitality at bed & breakfast Residenza la Canonica will let you experience a pleasant stay in timeless surroundings.


Residenza la Canonica is a wonderful combination of rest, space, beauty, company, classic and modern.
During the renovation and restoration of the villa we tried to remain as faithful as possible to its original style. This is why now you can find matching elements of the past – such as marble floors, the original stones in the facade, small parts of a fresco dating from the nineteenth century, some old wooden doors – with all the comforts of today’s modern life.
Moreover the villa has a large garden, a swimming pool for guests and a spacious lounge where breakfast is served and where you can spend convivial moments, read and enjoy leisure time.
The atmosphere created by the combination of a pleasant company and the charm of the place, let you enjoy the beauty of this place which is a memento of the past.

What to do

During your stay at Residenza la Canonica you will enjoy many activities!

Sea and beaches nearby

Pesaro (public beach and private beach)
Fano (public beach, private beach and beach for dogs)

Worth visiting

Pesaro is the main town of the area. Not far from its center there is the tourist port. From here you can also take trips to Croatia by hidrofly. The city is situated on the vicinity of the beautiful San Bartolo Natural Park which offers breathtaking views on Vallugola and other small countries.
Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara.
Fano is a town on the beach, it has sea, a tourist harbor, it has a beautiful Old Town and it’s excellent for shopping.
Novilara is the city of the famous “Stele” which testifies Picenes settlements dating back to the 1st millennium b.C.; it boasts a charming old town.
Candelara is famous for the very well-known “Feast of the candles”.
Urbino is known around the world thanks to the spectacular Palazzo Ducale and its rich art galleries.
Gradara has a castle which is famous for Paolo and Francesca’s tragic love story.
For further information you can visit the web site of Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino in the section dedicated to the tourism.

Alternative visits

Visit to Visit to the Cantina Guerrieri’s wine cellars
Visit to
Gioacchino Rossini’s house (Pesaro)
Visit to
Palazzo Mosca (Pesaro)

The management

Paola and Tommaso Vichi can't wait to welcome you.
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In the apartment with astronomical observatory you'll find your own star!

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